Addie Anne Hardy
Addie Hardy

Ring Name:

Addie Hardy




129 lbs


January 6, 1990 (Age 22) Cameron, North Carolina

Billed From:

Cameron, North Carolina


Hickory, North Carolina

Trained By:

Jeff Hardy

Matt Hardy

Shannon Moore

Shane Helms

Velvet Sky



January 4, 2010

Early Life

When Addie was born she was place under adoption because her parents couldn't take care of her. When she was 5 she was adopted by Gilbert Hardy because he felt that her brothers Matt and Jeff needed a sister thus she became their younger sister. She didn't mind because she thought they were the best brothers she could ever have plus she had a family that loved her.

Wrestling Career

When Addie gradulated high school she wanted to become a Wrestler so she had her brothers train her. She was also trained by Shannon Moore, Shane Helms and his then girlfriend Velvet Sky. While watching Indy Shows she met Gunner and he trained her a bit.

Addie Hardy 2
Addie debuted for TNA on January 4, 2010 in a match against Tara and defeated her. She would also have matches every week on Impact and Xplosion with no real storyline until October when she was "Forced" to join Immortal because she was Jeff's sister.

When Addie was in Immortal she formed a secret alience with Katie Borden and Ally Copeland to take them down but that didn't work since she was discovered and was "Punished" for trying to betray them. Her time in Immortal ended in January 2011 when she was written off TV.

In February 2012 Addie came back and started distracting Gunner causing him to lose some of his matches. He even confronted her about it a couple of times but she smirked and walked away. On the April 19th edition of Impact Wrestling Addie cost Gunner the TV title.

On the May 17th Edition of Impact Wrestling darning the 10 man (And 1 woman) Battle Royal when it was down to AJ Styles and Gunner Addie had her entrance music play and she walked out and got Gunner's attention long enough for AJ to eliminate him before she smiled and walked to the back.

Personal Life

Addie is the younger sister of Matt and Jeff Hardy and despite not being their blood sister she loves them very much.

Addie is currently Dating Gunner and has been dating him for 3 years. The reason she was written off TV in January 2011 was because she was pregnant. She gave birth to Darcy Ruby Hardy on August 17, 2011.

Addie didn't return to TV right away was because of her family problems and she wanted to stay out of them. She's moved in with Gunner and everything. In 2011 she's had a strained relationship with her brothers but has gotten better

On May 30, 2012 Addie and Gunner got engaged.

Finishing Moves

  • Twist Of Fate
  • Whisper In The Wind
  • Swanton Bomb
  • Condemned (Firemans carry facebuster)
  • Spear

Entrance Music

  • Condemned by Dead By Sunrise

Twitter Account

Addie's Twitter account is @ADDIEHARDYBRAND She mostly posts updates, pictures and talks to Matt, Jeff, Shane, Shannon, Velvet and Gunner on there.