Adrianna Abigail Urive Alvirde
Adrianna Alvirde

Ring Name:

Luz Angel (Light Angel In Spanish)




113 lbs


June 28, 1989 (Age 22) Mexico City, Mexico

Billed From:

Mexico City, Mexico


Tampa, Florida

Trained By:

Sin Cara (Mistico)

Dr. Karonte

Astro Boy




April 18, 2011

Early Life

When Adrianna was growing up she was interested in Lucha Wrestling since her father and her brothers were Lucha Wrestlers. When she gradulated High School she was trained by her Brothers and her father to become one herself

Wrestling Career

Adrianna made her debut against both Bella Twins in a handicap match successfuly defeating them but she was beat down afterwards but was soon saved by United States Champion Karla Wilson and soon the two formed the tag team Starpower.

While dealing with the Bella Twins her and Karla also dealt with Kharma when she attacked all the Divas since her and Karla were the only Divas becides Carrie Wilson and Audrey Dunn who were not scared of Kharma. Their feud with Kharma ended when Kharma left due to being pregnant. After Kharma left Adrianna and Karla dealt with the Bella's again eventually adding newcomer Caylee Warner in the Group.

Their next feud is against the 4 members of the Divas Of Doom (Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Joslin Neidhart and Lauren Kocianski) On October 3rd Adrianna and the rest of Starpower were the only people who stood by COO Triple H when everyone else walked out on him.

Personal Life

Adrianna is the younger sister of Sin Cara and a couple of brothers. She is the Only girl in the family.

Ring Names/Nicknames

  • Luz Angel (Light Angel In Spanish)


  • Shooting Star Press
  • Moonsault Side Slam
  • Tilt a Whirl Headscissors

Entrance Music