Alyssa Kelly Harter
Alyssa Harter

Ring Name:


Alyssa Harter




124 lbs


April 12, 1989 (Age 22) Pinckney, Michigan

Billed From:

Detroit, Michigan


Tampa, Florida

Trained By:

Chris Sabin

Alex Shelley

AJ Styles

Matt Morgan


January 4, 2010 (TNA)

May 21, 2012 (WWE)

Early Life

When Alyssa was growing up she kept to herself basicly not being very social. She mostly hung out with her brother and soon Samantha and Lanette after she met them

Wrestling Career

Alyssa Debuted on TNA Impact January 4, 2010 along with fellow new Knockouts Samantha Jones and Lanette Martin interupting a poker segment with the Beautiful People. There the three of them would challange the Beautiful People the next week and go on to defeat them. After that Samantha announced her, Alyssa and Lanette as the Evil Angels going on to being a small Knockout stable for their entire Impact Career so far.

While in the Evil Angels Alyssa and Lanette became a tag team and competed for the Knockout Tag Team Championships after they were Vacent by Taylor Wilde and Hamanda. After Alyssa and Lanette won the titles they held them for a year and a month before losing the titles to Britney and Brianna Gerdelman at Victory Road in 2011.

While holding the titles Alyssa and Lanette's biggest rivalry was against EV2's Marissa and Hillary. That rivalry began when Janette Laughlin told Alyssa and Lanette that as long as they are friends with Samantha they'll be targets as well as Samantha. That rivalry ended when EV2 broke up. After that rivalry ended Alyssa and Lanette defended their titles as much as they could (Mostly Filler matches) Until they lost their titles at Victory Road in 2011.

After losing their titles Alyssa and Lanette just focused on being a tag team as much as possible and teaming up with Samantha when they could. Alyssa also was one of the 12 Knockouts to compete for the Knockout X Division Title at Destination X she did not win the title.

On May 21st 2012 Alyssa along with Samantha, Lanette and Alex Shelley got their releases from TNA and shortly after Alyssa and her friends signed on with WWE and her and Lanette appeared in a backstage segment with Chelsea Benoit

Personal Life

Alyssa is the little sister of Chris Sabin and annoys him when she can. She is also dating Matt Morgan


  • Soaring Star (Back Flip Off The Top Rope)
  • Fade Out (Inverted Headlock Backbreaker)

Tag Teams/Stables

  • Evil Angels

Title Reigns/Accomplishments

  • 1 Time TNA Knockout Tag Team Champion (With Lanette)

Entrance Music