Cheyenne Demetria Anderson
Cheyenne Anderson

Ring Name:

Cheyenne Anderson




120 lbs


July 5, 1989 (Age: 23) Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Billed From:

Green Bay, Wisconsin


Dallas, Texas

Trained By:

Mr. Anderson


Katie Borden


October 21, 2010 (TNA)

Early Life

Cheyenne is the youngest out of three siblings and while growing up Cheyenne was always the serious out of three and always kept to herself. In high school she always got good grades and decided to go to collage until her broher wanted him to join her in TNA.

Wrestling Career

When Cheyenne debuted in TNA she was her brothers manager. She stayed that way for a while because she was new and was learning the ropes from him. Darning his rivalry with Sting though Cheyenne secretly had him and his sister Katie Train her. Cheyenne stayed with her brother until he joined Immortal.

When her brother joined Immortal Cheyenne mostly stayed mostly because Sting wouldn't let her join Immortal. At first Cheyenne was wondering why Sting would go so far to protect her but then she figured it out.

Meanwhile she had some matches here and there but never really had a serious rivalry yet. She didn't mind though she got along with everyone (Almost) in the back and she was happy where she was. When Sting was made the GM of Impact she mostly hung out with hin backstage with him and even helped him a bit. When Sting left to get better Cheyenne mostly wrestled when she needed to.

When Sting came back and got in a rivalry with Bobby Roode and Ivory Roode Cheyenne decided to help out Sting and even the playing field. When he got attacked after making his HOF speech Cheyenne was held back when she tried to help him. The next week she was seen backstage with Katie trying to figure out who were the guys that attacked him.

On the August 2nd Edition of Impact Wrestling Cheyenne was hanging out with Sting alot plus she was the special Guest Referee for the Knockouts Fatal 4 Way match which Eliza LoMonaco won. Later on Cheyenne confronted Madison Rayne and told her that she's just using Earl because he's the referee. She also told Madison that she may be dating an older guy but she wouldn't dream of using him before walking away.

Personal Life

Cheyenne is the younger sister of Mr, Anderson and despite being annoyed with him most of the time. She does love him.

When Cheyenne's dad died she became depressed to the point where she was cutting herself but she got over that years later.

Cheyenne is currently dating Sting but wants to keep it a secret due to they're age difference.

Finishing Moves

  • Mic Check
  • Scorpion Death Drop
  • Scorpion Death Lock

Wrestlers Managed

  • Mr. Anderson
  • Sting

Entrance Music

  • Psycho by 12 Stones