Christina Lynn Ross
Christina Ross

Ring Name:

Christina Ross




120 lbs


October 3, 1990 (Age 21) Westville, Oklahoma

Billed From:

Oklahoma City


Oklahoma City

Trained By:

Jerry Lawler

Dusty Rhodes

Ricky Steamboat

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Carrie Wilson

Chelsea Benoit


October 2, 2011

Early Life

When Christina was growing up she wanted to be a journalist but at the same time wanting to be around her dad. So she continued to study till she got her degree and joined her dad on the road

Interviewing/Wrestling Career

Christina first appeared on WWE Programming at their Hell In a Cell PPV in 2011 she first interviewed Stacy Laurinaitis before her match with WWE Divas Champion Laura Levesque. The next Interview she did that night was Christian before his match with Sheamus. She debuted on Raw the next night by interviewing Carrie Wilson and John Lautinaitis she also became the ring announcer for Superstars. The next week she became Vocal towards John Lautinaitis for firing her dad as a result she had to face all four members of The Divas Of Doom a week later defeating them with the help of Redemption Members Carrie and Chelsea Benoit.

The Raw before Survivor Series Christina got into it with Michael Cole for embrassing her dad. At Survivor Series and the Monday after that Christina took a couple shots at him darning her interviews with the Superstars and Divas.

Entrance Music

Personal Life

Christina is the oldest daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross. She also majored in journalism in collage.

Twitter Account

Christina's Twitter account is @ChristinaRoss. She's new at twitter and is trying to get the hang of things. She mostly talks to her dad on there but is expected to talk to fans on there soon.