Farrah Jill Horler Duran
Farrah Horler

Ring Name:

Farrah Duran




119 lbs


March 16, 1991 (Age 20) New York City, New York

Billed From:

New York City


Tampa, Florida

Trained By:


Andrew Duran


November 18, 2011 (Smackdown)

Early Life

When she was 2 years old Farrah was adopted by Andrew Duran an independent Wrestler. She was his only daughter. She grew up without a mother figure in her life and she was ok with it she loved her father more than anything and even took his last name. When she was 16 her dad started traning her and when she was 18 she got a WWE Delevelopmental Contract.

Wrestling Career

When Farrah debuted for FCW she defeated Joslin Neidhart on her first night there. While in FCW all she wanted to do was wrestle. When she was approached to be a valet she declined and continued to Wrestle even winning the FCW Divas Championship and the Queen of FCW title at the same time making her the first Diva to do that. She lost both titles to Valerie Evans After she did she continued to wrestle until she got called up to Smackdown.

Farrah debuted for Smackdown on November 18 in a match against Joslin once again defeating her. After she won the rest of the Divas of Doom attacked her and she was saved by Ally Copeland, and Chelsea Benoit the following week on Smackdown she teamed with Chelsea and Ally to take on Beth Phoenix, Natalya and Joslin of the Divas of doom and defeated them.

Farrah has mostly been seen on Superstars after that with the most recent episode being on the April 26th Episode teaming up with Charity Bonin to take on April Danielson and Kimberly Silvestry which the two defeated them to advance in the Divas Tag Team Tourament.

Personal Life

Farrah Horler 2

Farrah with Blonde and Purple Hair

Farrah is the only daughter of Andrew Duran and loves him like her father even though he's not her real dad she loves him like he is. She is also the biological daughter of Former Nitro Girl Sapphire (Rayma Horler) She doesn't stay in contact with her mom because of her problems and doesn't know who her biological dad is.

Farrah colors her hair a different color every month to change up her look.


  • Blackout (DDT)
  • Scream (Bulldog)

Title Reigns/Accomplishments

  • 1 Time FCW Divas Champion
  • 1 Time Queen of FCW

Entrance Music

  • Blackout by Linkin Park (Singles Theme 1)
  • Scream by Adelitas Way (Singles Theme 2)
  • The Whole Worlds Crazy by Art of Dying (Singles Theme 3)
    Farrah Horler 3

    Farrah with Black and Blonde Hair