Hellraiser Angels
Hellraiser Angels
All Three Original Members Of the Hellraiser Angels


Lacey Hellwig (Leader)

Fayne Pfohl

Former Members:

Katie Borden (Former Leader)


Hellraiser Angels



November 17, 2011






Hellraiser Angels were first started by Katie Borden and Lacey Hellwig. Although they never used the Hellraiser Angels name at first and they just teamed on and off against Immortal until Hulk Hogan left Immortal and they weren't a serious threat.

The Hellraiser Angels came to light when Katie and Lacey brought Katie's other long time friend Fayne Pfohl in the group after Karen Jarrett and her girls were trying to take over the Knockouts Division. Later that week Lacey and Fayne won the TNA Tag Team Championships and announced themselves as the Hellraiser Angels with Katie defending the belts under the Freebird Rule. The next week they defended the belts in a rematch against Mexican America and won. They will face the winners of the Wild Card Tourment at Genesis.

At Genesis Lacey and Fayne turned heel and kicked Katie out of the group after Lacey attacked Katie with the X Division Championship causing her to win the belt. Later in an interview with JB Lacey said that they were tired of Katie hiding behind everyone and that they hoped they ended her career once and for all. After the interview they successfuly defended the titles against Samoa Joe and Magnus with Lacey hitting Joe with the belt while Fayne distracted the Ref.

Hellraiser Angels 2

The second reincarnation without Katie

Finishing Moves

Lacey's Finishing Moves

  • Gorilla Press Drop and Running Splash
  • Twist of Fate

Fayne's Finishing Moves

  • Rebel Pack (Argentine Backbreaker Rack)
  • Fayne's Reign (Atomic Drop)
  • Hell Yeah (One Handed Bulldog)

Title Reigns/Accomplishments

  • 1 Time TNA Tag Team Champion (Current)
  • 1 Time TNA Knockouts Champion (Current) (Fayne)
  • 1 Time TNA X Division Champion (Current) (Lacey)

Entrance Music

  • Fully Alive by Flyleaf (Theme 1)
  • Boom by POD (Theme 2)