Kiki Casey Killings
Kiki Killings

Ring Name:

Kiki Killings





145 lbs


August 4, 1984 (Age 27) Atlanta, Georgia

Billed From:

Charlotte, North Carolina


Charlotte, North Carolina

Trained By:



2004 (TNA)

August 29, 2008 (WWE)

Early Life

Kiki grew up wanting to be like her brother. She did almost everything with him so it was no surprise that she followed him into Wrestling

Wrestling Career

Kiki debuted for Total Nonstop Action (TNA) In 2004 as her Brother's manager. She didn't do much Wrestling until the Knockouts had their own division but that didn't last long since when her brother left she followed him.

Kiki made her WWE Debut on August 29, 2008 as her brother's manager once again. She wrestled every now and then but mostly stood by her brother. Kiki first started really wrestling when she was on Raw and her brother turned heel. When he did so did she and she started feuding with most of the Face Divas. Mostly Carrie Wilson, Audrey Dunn, Jasmine El, Brooke Warner and Starpower. Like her brother she also thought there was a conspiricy against her. She started teaming up with Danica Reed when her brother started teaming up with The Miz.

On The September 19th Edition of Raw when her brother and Miz were fired by WWE COO Triple H her and Danica were fired by WWE Co VP of the Divas Laura Levesque. It turned out to be a storyline because her and Danica were brought back by the Other Co VP of the Divas Stacy Laurinaitis on October 10th. Kiki's first match on Raw was teaming up with Danica to take on Ally Copeland and Carrie Wilson in a tag team match. Unfortunately they lost the match.

At Survivor Series Kiki teamed up with Danica, Natalya, Lauren Kocanski, and team captain Joslin Neidhart to take on Demi Mizanin, Summer Kiley, Kelly Kelly, Alicia Fox and team Captain Chelsea Benoit. Kiki was the second one Eliminated after she got a Skull Crushing Finale from Demi and a Riley Elevation from Summer.

The next night on Raw Kiki and Danica got into a fight with Danica saying that it's Kiki's fault for losing at Survivor Series. Kiki tried explaining but Danica hit her with the Chair until she was knocked out thus ending the partnership with her.

Kiki wasen't seen on WWE TV Again until December 26th when she came out and attacked Danica after her and Tyson competed against Karla Wilson and Zack Ryder thus making her a face.

Personal Life

Kiki is the younger sister of R-Truth and is extremely close with him.


  • Backbreaker
  • Lie Detector
  • What's Up

Tag Teams/Stables

Teams with her brother every now and then.

Wrestlers Managed

  • R-Truth
  • Adam 'Pacman' Jones (Till 07)
  • The Miz (Till November 21, 2011)
  • Danica Reed (Till November 21, 2011)


  • R-Truth
  • Danica Reed (Till November 21, 2011)

Entrance Music

  • Conspiracy by Paramore (Heel Theme)
  • Boom Boom (Tequilia) by Kat Deluna (Face Theme)

Twitter Account

Kiki's Twitter account is @DoubleK and she mostly uses it to talk to her brother and post pictures of herself and Danica