Lillian Taryn Covell
Lily Daniels

Ring Name:


Lily Daniels




125 lbs


Feburary 6, 1989 Kalamazoo, Michigan


Tampa, Florida

Billed From:

Los Angeles, California

Trained by:

Christopher Daniels

AJ Styles

Samoa Joe


May 21, 2009

Early Life

Lily Grew up mostly with her parents and her brother. She had a normal childhood mostly and traveled with her brother to wrestling shows growing up. She trained to be a wrestler herself when she was in high school.

Wrestling Career

Lily debuted for TNA Impact on May 21, 2009 her debut was against Roxxi which she was successful there she worked as a heel before turning face September that year. Darning her heel run she held the Knockouts Championship once before losing it to Katie Borden

When her brother left TNA in 2010 she followed suit there she joined ROH with him and had a couple of matches there herself. She mostly worked as her brothers Manager while they were there.

Lily came back to TNA darning Genesis of 2011 after Katie Borden Resigned her to the company. There she defeated Velvet Sky in a match and let the fans know she was a face after she shook Velvet's hand after the match.

On Feburary 17 Lily joined the newly created Stable The Entourage with TNA World Champion and Then TV Champion Katie Borden, Ally Copeland, TNA Knockout Champion Ivory Williams, Eliza LoMonaco, and Lakeisha Davis. She mostly helps them out when they need it.

At Destination X Lily had a chance to become the 1st ever TNA Knocko ut X Division Champion but was unfortunately defeated by Samantha Jones. She mostly wrestles on Xplosion and Impact and is now helping Ivory in her rivalry with Winter, Angelina Love and Autumn.

Personal Life

Lily is the little sister of Christopher Daniels. The two get along great but Lily tries to hurt him sometimes but still loves him by the end of the Day.

Siblings: Christopher Daniels (Brother), Harmony Daniels (Sister), Ally Copeland (Sister In Law), Edge (Brother In Law), Carrie Wilson (Sister In Law), Katie Borden (Half Sister In Law), AJ Styles (Half Brother In Law), Samantha Jones (Half Sister In Law), Mandy Jones (Half Sister In Law)

Nieces/Nephews: Jerica Covell (Niece), Joshua Covell (Nephew), Alex Jones (Half Niece), Ajay Jones (Half Nephew), Avery Jones (Half Nephew), Albey Jones (Half Nephew), Skylar Borden-Jones (Adoptive Half Niece)

Finishing Moves

  • BME
  • Angel Wings

Tag Teams/Stables

  • The Entourage

Title Reigns/Accomplishments

  • 2 Time TNA Knockout Champion

Entrance Music

  • The Catalyst by Linkin Park (TNA Singles Theme 1)
  • Lady Bug by Breaking Benjamin (TNA Singles Theme 2)
  • High Voltage by Linkin Park (Entourage Theme)
  • Who's That Chick by David Guetta (Feat. Rihanna) (ROH Singles Theme)

Twitter Account

Lily's Twitter account is @Lilyrocks She mostly uses it for teasing her brother and talking to the fans.