Nicole Nancy Nash
Nicole Nash

Ring Name:

Nicole Nash




120 lbs


August 28, 1992 (Age 19) Detroit, Michigan

Billed From:

Detroit, Michigan


Tampa, Florida

Trained By:

Kevin Nash

Scott Hall

Sean Waltman


Triple H

Shawn Michaels


January 3, 2011

Early Life

Nicole is the oldest Child on WWE Legend Kevin Nash. Growing up she wanted to be a Wrestler just like him and his friends so she had him train her. While training her Nicole along with her friends Jackie Hall and Caitlyn Waltman had a couple of fallouts with Laura Cena and Carissa Hickenbottom. There the three decided to never be their friends. When Nicole was ready to join a promotion she decided to follow her dad in the WWE Instead of her Aunt Sylevette in TNA

Wrestling Career

Nicole Debuted on Raw on as a babyface defeating both Bella Twins. After that she went on an undefeated Streak Until Wrestlemania that year. After losing the Miss Wrestlemania battle Royal she went to FCW to further delevop her wrestling Skills.

She made her return at Summerslam attacking Alicia Brooks backstage. The next night on Raw she declared that someone texted her and told her to do it but Alicia did not buy it and attacked her thus starting a rivalry with her. After Alicia sprained her ankle Nicole was out for a couple of months. She returned at TLC and attacked Laura Cena after she won the Divas Championship match.

Personal Life

After seeing what her dad and Aunt, her Aunt's friends and her friends went though Nicole is 100% Straight Edge and is never hoping she would go through what they did.
Nicole Nash 2

Kevin got mad at this Picture

Parents: Kevin Nash (Dad), Tamara Nash (Mom)

Siblings: Tristian Nash (Brother)

Aunts/Uncles: Sylevette Nash (Aunt)


  • Jackknife Powerbomb
  • Chokeslam
  • Walking Sidewalk Slam

Entrance Music

  • Bulletproof by 12 Stones (Singles Theme)

Twitter Account

Nicole's Twitter Account is @RealNicoleNash. She mostly uses it for Updates and to answer some questions on there as long as they don't get too Personal
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Nicole's Twitter Picture