Tonya Madison Griffiths
Tonya Griffths

Ring Name:

Tonya Ryan




135 lbs


Feburary 20, 1992 Tremadog, Wales

Billed From:

Cardriff, Wales


Tampa, Florida

Trained By:

Dusty Rhodes

Ricky Steamboat


January 24, 2011

Early Life

Tonya grew up an outcast because of her size but she didn't let that get to her and mostly hung out with her brother and his friends. She did everything he did even go into wrestling.

Wrestling Career

Tonya followed her brother and they were in FCW together. As soon as he left she followed a few weeks later on Raw and defeated WWE Divas Champion Laura Levesque on her first night. A few days at the Royal Rumble Tonya once again defeated Laura this time it was for her Divas Championship. She would go on to hold that title until she lost it to Riley Stephens one months at Elimination Chamber in the first Ever Divas Elimination Chamber match.
Tonya Griffths 2

Tonya trying out the short hair look like her brother

While she was the Divas champion and afterwards she was in the New Nexus along with her brother and made the Stable the New Nexus Divas along with Alicia Brooks and Bridget Guerrero. There they feuded with The Corre Divas which had Ally Copeland, Arianna Irvine, and Riley Stephens. They feuded with them until the Corre broke up and Alicia turned face. Afterwards Tonya focused on dominating the Divas division.

On the September 26th episode of Raw Tonya teamed up with the Divas Of Doom to face Carissa Hickenbottom in a three on one Handicap match. When Carissa was getting beat up by the Divas Of Doom Tonya made a face turn and helped out Carissa. On the October 24th edition of Raw Tonya went and helped out Amber Cena against Vickie Guerrero and Lindsay Hager the four had a match on the Halloween Episode of Raw which Tonya and Amber won.

Personal Life

Tonya is the little sister of Mason Ryan and another sister.. She was often bullied for her size when she was little but didn't let that get to her. She speaks Welsh but speaks English as well.

Finishing Moves

  • Step Up (Spinebuster)
  • Pumphandle Slam

Tag Teams/Stables

May Start teaming with Carissa Hickenbottom

Ring Names/Nicknames

  • Tonya Ryan

Title Reigns/Accomplishments

  • 1 Time WWE Divas Champion

Entrance Music

  • Step Up by Linkin Park

Twitter Account

Tonya's Twitter account is @TonyaRyanWWE She mostly uses it to post updates on what she's doing and taunts her oppoents on there.