Victoria Marie Brown
Victoria Brown
Victoria as she looks now

Ring Name:

Victoria Brown




125 lbs


June 21, 1985 (Age: 26) St. Louis, Missouri

Billed From:

Hamburg, Germany


St. Louis, Missouri

Trained By:

Trinity Farrelly


April 2, 2012 (Raw)

Early Life

Victoria was an only child at first growing up but when she was 4 her parents divorced and she moved with her mom to Germany and met her step dad which they had her sisters Jasmin (Prounounced YAZ-Meen) and Julia. Victoria loved her sisters but had resentment towards her mom and step dad. When she was 16 her parents started getting into drugs and Victoria had enough so she took her sisters and ran away.

Wrestling Career

Victoria have never thought of Wrestling as a Career but she watched a few shows growing up and loved it. She started training by herself at first and worked a few indy shows to support her sisters. When she was in Ireland she met Trinity Farrelly and Trinity trained her quite a bit before Victoria trained her sisters. While training together Victoria became close friends with Trinity and stayed in contact with her. When Victoria and her sisters moved to the states to live with her dad Trinity called her and told her that her and Redemption needed help in the WWE so Victoria and her sisters signed WWE contracts.

Victoria and her sisters debuted on April 2, 2012 in a 3 on 1 handicap street fight against Eve which they won.

On the April 27th Edition of Smackdown Victoria teamed up with Trinity to take on Brooke Warner and Taylor Garcia Victoria and Trinity won after Brooke snapped again due to her on screen break up with her real life fiance Daniel Bryan breaking up with her over the past few weeks.

Personal Life

Victoria is the oldest out of 3 sisters which she's extremely close to. She lost contact with her mom and step dad when she ran away from home.

Siblings: Jasmin Bower (Half Sister), Julia Bower (Half Sister)

Finishing Moves

  • Bicycle Kick
  • Death Valley Driver

Tag Team/Stables

Teams with her sisters.

Entrance Music

  • Bully by Shinedown (Singles Theme 1)
  • Again by My Darkest Days (Singles Theme 2)
  • Perfect Day (Rock Version) by Cascada (Tag Team Theme with her sisters)